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March Events

March 22:  Understanding Grief Series:  2:00pm-4:00pm  With Nora Godley

The basics of this class is to look at grief in our lives and determine how it affects us day to day. Grief isn’t just about death. Countless events have a cause and effect. Any type of change whether positive or negative, and our perception of the experience can leave us feeling incomplete. Less than. Stressed. Angry. Isolated. The list goes on. This class helps to identify the experience. From there, you’re given tools that will assist you in not just dealing with an issue… but resolving it. This class is structured in such a way to provide clear points of direction. It’s so simple, yet very affective. We’re gonna dig deep. We’re going to learn how to get rid of those “stuck” feelings…one by one… In a very loving, safe, supported and nurturing way.

March 14:  Crystal Energy Yoga Series Begins.  12:00-2:00pm 


Fund Raising Gong Mediation March 20, at 6:00-7:30pm.  All Proceeds go to Kenzie’s dream of having her own Service Dog.  Bring a friend or two and help Kenzie make her dream come true.

Reiki :

Call to set up an hour session for an energetic exchange fee of $45.00 per session.

Gong Healing:

Make an appointment today for a Gong Healing session.  $50.00 per session.

“Never again let anything, or person be your excuse for living out of alignment.”  Alric 


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